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October 28, 2015
by Pure Healing

Global Wellness Trends review

Wellness trends One of the objectives of the Global Wellness Summit (GWS) is to initiate, gather, and trumpet quality industry research. Therefore, the Summit team has developed the comprehensive list of spa, wellness and tourism related research below. If there … Continue reading

May 6, 2015

The Wellness Pyramid

Wellness is not only based on the way you eat or on the amount of exercise you do every day. The key factor is your mental approach. Only if you balance all your habits, your interests, your nutrition and the … Continue reading

December 11, 2012

9 Reasons To Try ASEA

1. The first and only source of balanced, stabilized Redox Signaling molecules outside the body. 2. Supports the vital activity of cellular communication. 3. Promotes enhanced immune function. 4. Protects against free radical damage. 5. Boosts efficiency of the body’s … Continue reading