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Healthy november foods


November seasonal food – Healthy Food Guide

Buying seasonal produce guarantees the depth of flavour nature intended. In November, make the most of root vegetables in their prime…

fall foodsRich and earthy, root vegetables such as turnips, swede, carrots, parsnips, celeriac, potatoes and sweet potatoes make a meal satisfying without bumping up the fat and calories. They’re versatile and great value, too. Use them to make nourishing soups, stews and curries, or mash, bake or roast them to bring out their natural sweetness.

HFG expert Amanda Ursell says: ‘Although they taste like comfort foods, root vegetables are packed with incredibly useful amounts of all-important nutrients and often have far fewer calories than their reputation might suggest. A 175g portion of boiled potatoes, for example, contains just 126kcal, along with almost 500mg of our daily 3,500mg potassium needs, a mineral that helps maintain healthy blood pressure. They also pack in 10% of our daily vitamin C requirements, even once cooked.

Carrots have just 19kcal per 80g portion but manage to give us lots of beta-carotene, the pigment that  helps keep our skin and eyes healthy. Swede is another great low-calorie ingredient, with only 9kcal per 80g serving, while celeriac has 14kcal for the same size  portion. Both add fibre to meals, as well as bulking them out to help us feel full.

But pick of the crop are sweet potatoes – one of the few foods to give us a trio of antioxidants in one go. With a quarter of our daily vitamin C needs, more than the RDA for vitamin A, and a shot of vitamin E and potassium, you get a bumper hit of nutrients for just 109kcal per 130g portion.


Read more at: http://www.healthyfood.co.uk

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