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ASEA enhance powerAt 65 years of age, Gerard Louis Robert is a World Masters Track Champion who is fueled by passion and by ASEA. He says his motivation is setting an example for folks of his generation and demonstrating that at 65 years of age, you can still go after your dreams and keep exceeding and challenging yourself! He also wants to serve as a role model for younger generations and be a stimulating source of inspiration. He says, “As I pursue my passions to the fullest extent, I can demonstrate to people of any age that age is no longer a barrier.”

He is an Elite Masters athlete in track cycling with 91 international championships wins, including:

  • 14 world track champion titles including 2 world records holder in 2014
  • 17 times French track master champion
  • 10 times European track master champion
  • 21 times Canadian track master champion and more than 300 career wins

2014 proved to be one of Gerard’s most prolific seasons ever. He registered:

  • 22 road and track wins
  • 5 world track titles including 2 world records and 5 French track titles

And he has started 2015 off with a bang with two major wins this season!

“About a year ago I started hearing many good things about ASEA from athletes I train with. I’ve been drinking ASEA regularly this past year and have reached new heights in my training and racing.

I was impressed with the scientific explanation of Redox Signaling molecules. I also poured over the case studies and comments from other world-class athletes such as James Lawrence and Rich Roll, which gave me added confidence that ASEA could enhance my training and performance.

I knew by that third week that ASEA was working for me. I had not changed anything in my training or diet, only added ASEA. ASEA works. I’m able to recover faster after races and heavy training. That allows me to take on more racing days and prepare for more world championships. I know I will continue to improve my racing times as I drink ASEA.”

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