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Finding “Talent” while walking in Stuttgart


5-characteristics-to-look-for-when-hiring-talent-64aa2a20ceWhat is talent? Talent is a passion that makes everything easy in what you like to do most …

The world is made of numbers and statistics, and often having talent does not mean automatically a success in something or becoming a well-paid job.

This is what happens every day to street artists, often ingenious and incredible but less fortunate than their famous counterparts. They may not have the flexibility or the emotional strength of those who excel and distinguish internationally (thus becoming very popular). The fact is that what they are capable is transporting us often in a dimension of wonder and admiration which we are not used to.

This is the case of a keyboardist/pianist discovered on the streets of Stuttgart. In a few fleeting moments, as his performance was almost at the end, he kidnapped me and who were passing by there at that time. After listening to him, I had the spontaneous thought that people used to his presence perhaps are too concerned with their own rhythms and their own daily routine to pay attention to him. So, as often it happens, only those who are receptive, as for example those relaxed on vacation, are able to grasp the genius, the transport, the passion … but also the frustration and difficulties of people who have a talent and a feeling out of the ordinary.


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