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Renu 28 works against cellulite: it’s official!!!


Dermatest, an internationally renowned German dermatological research institute, has completed a 12-week clinical dermatological test which shows that RENU 28 is effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite and improving skin elasticity.

In the 12-week trial, 30 women applied RENU 28 to a cellulite area twice a day, using enough product to require 30 to 60 seconds to massage it into the skin.

Results wereclinically measured:
• 15.81% reduction in the appearance of fat lobule size
• 20.91% increase in skin elasticity

RENU 28’s patented process duplicates the body’s own redox signaling molecules—cellular messengers—to protect and
rejuvenate cells and smooth skin.

RENU 28. Revitalize your skin’sappearance from the outside in.


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