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Juicing Fruits and Vegetables: Why?


JuiceJuicing fruits and vegetables gives you all the good enzymes, minerals, vitamins, co-factors, chlorophyll, anti-oxidants, phytonutrients and all other nutrients your body craves. You can’t think of a better way to energize and alkalize your body naturally.

Nothing will super charge your health like raw fresh green vegetable juice!

How to Juice

  1. Wash the vegetables & fruits.
  2. Depending on the kind of raw food or juicer, you might have to pre-cut.
  3. For juicing green vegetables and grasses – use a twin gear juicer such as a Green Star Juicer or Champion Juicer.
  4. For juicing harder vegetables such as carrots or soft veggies such as cucumber, it’s easier and quicker to use a centrifuge juicer. You can perfectly juice them in the Green Star or Champion Juicer, but it takes a little more time to juice them and then clean the machine.
  5. Juice the soft fruits and veggies first. Then the harder and tougher ones (like carrots). The latter will push the softer ones through.

Benefits of Juicing

  • Juicing breaks cell walls of whole foods including tomatoes and carrots. This way you make it easy for your body to absorb all the wonderful nutrients of the vegetables and fruits.
  • Juice is absorbed within 20 min. You don’t have to waste energy to digest the foods. Nothing energizes you quicker than juice.
  • Best way to consume high volumes of greens. Some people wonder, how they can ever eat all the greens that are recommended. Juicing is the solution.
  • Greens are the most alkalizing, mineralizing and healthiest foods. But not always the most palatable. By juicing vegetables you can mix with apples or carrots for better taste.
  • Juicing only takes a few minutes. More than blending but still quick and much faster and easier than cooking.
  • No pans to scrub. Juicers are relatively quick and easy to clean – especially the centrifuge juicers.
  • Juicers operate much quieter than the Vitamix blender or Blendtec blender. Especially the best raw food juicer: the Greenstar. So you can juice your vegetables late at night without waking up your neighbors or kids.
  • Juicing is easy to learn and you can make and adapt recipes are easily
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