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Online secrets: how to build the perfect marketing email


If you are an online entrepreneur, you probably know how difficult is to find interested leads and attract them to your opportunity. What really makes the difference is quality!

When you write an effective email for your prospects and potential customers, you should provide some information. In particular, the first approach has to point out at least the following:

  • What you are supposed to do and for who… If you are a freelance or an entrepreneur, and you are not looking for a job, it is a “must” to explain the problems you are able to solve;
  • What you offer to solve such kind of problems and in which way you intend to help your audience. Explain briefly what your skills are, your knowledge, the kind of previous & current customers and your most important achievements in that field;
  • Why you are so interested in reaching that person or Company with your message. Sometimes a bit of “adulation” (if sincere and done in the proper way) can be very useful!

Your email must be short. The less you write the more possibilities you have that your audience will read up to the end.

Send your email to every person that you think is interested or that maybe could know someone interested. Try to avoid any links, but just provide your contact information: you are not a spammer!

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