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How important is a leader & a coach for your motivation and success?


Business colleagues showing unity

Business colleagues showing unity

By reaching this post and reading through it, I assume that you are looking for a sponsor, a coach or both who could guide you to success in Business.  Well, let’s be real now, with the economy today, EVERYONE is looking to earn extra cash.

Network Marketing Business has become one of the most popular alternatives people are looking into.  For the smart individuals you would ask… “So how do I sponsor reps?”  Well, almost 99% of the Network Marketing Companies will teach you the traditional techniques. “Ah… bust out your phone book and start connecting with everyone you know…etc.”  While this method certainly works, (otherwise some companies wouldn’t last 30+ year internationally) most people will run into the problem of running out of people to connect with very quickly.  Not to mention, many people are hesitant to market network marketing business to friends.

Fortunately, I developed in about two years of hard work a method for me and my team.  And now, I’m ready to share it with committed people, letting them avoid the common mistakes usually faced in a new venture.

I could guide you to one of the great companies that has great compensation plans and coach you to successfully market without cold calling, knocking neighbor’s door, hosting house party, bugging family members, and chasing your friends away.

However, I’m going to be honest with you that I can’t afford to spend my time to teach people who procrastinate and search for reasons that the methodology will not work with them.  I mean… I could provide you the fastest car ever produced, and if you are not willing to step on the gas, you will DEFINITELY be behind the person who is walking past you! So, to save time and energy for both of us, please seek other experts who is willing to devote their time and energy to persuade you to step on the gas.

To work with me, you must be able to demonstrate your commitment to your success even if you only have a hour or two each day. Remember, I’m building entrepreneur not an employee who expects to get a check every two weeks.  I’m sure anyone would agree with me that the same dollar amount of a check would be a lot more meaningful if you are to acquire from your own business.

Here are some of the must have qualities that I look forward to work with:

1) You must have desire to succeed in the network marketing business

2) You must stay proactive with YOUR network marketing business

3) You must be open minded

4) You must be positive

If you think you have all the aforementioned qualities, I sincerely welcome you to join me and my team of proactive entrepreneurs who are committed to building a successful business together and achieve the personal freedom we’ve always wanted.  Otherwise, It has been a pleasure anyway to have you here among my guests! 🙂

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