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Business online: the basics of social media posting – PART 3

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Now, let’s talk briefly about the distinction between personal pages and business pages. Does the hard/medium/soft sell model work for personal pages? It can, but there are some things to consider.

First: people who friended your personal page more than likely did so with the intention to see a more personal side of you. However, if they liked your business page, they are expecting to see business-related content. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t market yourself on your personal page; it just means that you don’t want your business-related content to take control of your timeline. In fact, if you are using your personal page to market your business, experts recommend using 20% of your posts for content that contains a call to action (so hard/medium/soft sells) and 80% for interesting, personal, or sharable content (vacation pictures, interesting articles, family pictures). If only 20% of your posts are business related, you’ll want to be incredibly strategic in what you post.

Make sure you focus on the shareable types of content we discussed in the previous post.

Second: one of the benefits of using a business page is access to analytics. On most social platforms, business pages can review post performance, view demographic information, and see when optimal times for posting are. These insights are invaluable as you start testing different types of content. You can also create your business page and invite your friends to like that page, so they don’t have to rely on your personal page for information regarding products or opportunities.

For your business profiles, create a posting schedule using the frequencies we shared in the platform introduction section. Here’s an example of a simple posting schedule for a Facebook business page that uses the different selling types and follows the correct posting frequency of two times per day.


Notice that the majority of the content is made up of soft sells and medium sells. There are only two hard sells. Structuring your posts like this will help you get likes and shares. This approach can eventually translate into more fans liking your page, but you will still be promoting content relevant to your business.

Don’t stress too much about getting it perfect the first time. The unique thing about social media is that you can continually test and modify your strategy. Try something, check your results, try something else and compare your results. You’ll find out what works and what doesn’t soon enough!

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