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Business online: the basics of social media posting – PART 2


Remember, you’re trying to build trust and credibility, so you must know how to position your calls to action. To help, here’s a breakdown of ways to engage your audience with different types of calls to action.

First is the soft sell

A soft sell is like the cashier in the second example. It’s not a direct request; it’s more of an offer. You’re not trying to get someone to do something so much as you’re trying to help them feel like they benefit from what you post.

Examples of soft-sell content include motivational quotes, inspiring videos, comics, or team recognition. Soft sells help make your profiles look friendly and approachable, plus soft-sell content like motivational quotes are shareable! Coupling the shareable content with a call to action like, “Click like if you agree,” draws them into the content further.

The second content type is a medium sell

A medium sell introduces specific products or ideas to people who have only had brief introductions to them. Before and after pictures accompanied with a call to action like, “Click here to learn more about” are a great example of a medium sells. Informational posts such as infographics or product facts are also great examples of medium sells.

The third content type is a hard sell

Hard sells have very clear cut calls to action and they usually have a very specific goal in mind. These types of posts are for people who know who you are, what you do and are interested in finding out more. Examples of these types of posts include invitations to join your team, information about the latest bonuses, and special prices on products. The calls to action are usually, “Visit my website to order” or “Click here for more details.”


It might seem like hard sells are going to get you the most return, but in reality, a healthy social media community uses a combination of all of these content types.

Because social media is a public forum, people of all interest levels can find your content. If someone who has never heard of your products across your profile, you will want to make sure you are posting content that appeals to them.

You’ll also want to post content that appeals to people who are actively asking questions about getting involved with the opportunity, as well as people who are already building their businesses. Try to shoot for an even distribution of soft sells and medium sells, and then occasionally sprinkle in a hard sell.

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