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Business online: the basics of social media posting – PART 1

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Social media content

Let’s start with the most fundamental rule of posting direct-sales related content on social media: Your approach online should mirror your approach in face-to-face conversations. Show, don’t sell.

It’s easy to get in the habit of posting your link every day and asking people if they want to order or start making money from home, but these efforts are usually a waste of time. Here’s why: People online are skeptical by default.

You have to prove that they can trust you.

Posting a link does not earn that trust. Your role on social media is to be a friend and a resource for important information. There are millions of people and companies competing for the attention of your audience online. So what’s going to set you apart?

You are going to build a relationship with your audience. Building relationships online comes from posting quality content. The types of content you post should do one of the following:

Amaze                 Excite                   Inform                 Open                    Minds Uplift

These different types of content will help you reach and interact with more people and help you lay the groundwork for acquainting them with your business. Let’s look closer at each of these to give you a clear vision of how to implement these into your social media strategy.


Content that amazes leaves people thinking, “Whoa, is this true?” Before and after photos are a great way to amaze your followers. People love seeing real results, and they are usually curious about the products behind these photos.


Exciting content drives people to act. Next time you take a trip related to your business-driven success, post a photo and explain how you are where you are because of your business. Share your exciting moments of triumph.

People are always looking for ways to live better; sometimes they just need to see that the lifestyle they dream about is possible.


Informative content increases credibility. Instead of trying to sell the product, present the facts. Let the products’ features speak for themselves. Tell people about the ways they can implement the product into their daily routines with ease and how their lives will be better when they do.

Open minds

Many people have never considered network marketing as a career path.

Whether it is due to misinformation or lack of confidence in their abilities, you have the opportunity to change that through social media. Show people that what you do is unlike what they’ve heard. Help them understand why you are so passionate about your business.


Uplifting content helps people connect with you on an emotional level. Post something that will make someone’s day. Whether it’s a motivational quote or an inspiring story about a sponsored athlete, you are completely capable of being the source of someone’s good mood. That is a powerful influence.

Those examples should give you an idea of the types of content you should focus on. What’s really going to help your business take off is combining those different types of content with a call to action.

A call to action can be as simple as, “click here,” “message me,” or “like this photo.” Ultimately a call to action is a request for your audience to interact with you or your content. There are good and bad ways to incorporate calls to action into your social media posts. For instance, some calls to action are stronger than others in the sense that your audience may not be ready to complete the action you are requesting.

Here’s an example

Think of your audience’s social media experience like a trip to the mall.

There are several different products to look at and several different stores they can visit. The first store the customer walks into, the cashier rushes towards them and says, “Scarves on sale! Buy it now!” Seems a bit aggressive, right? The customer just got there, and they haven’t even had a chance to look around and acquaint themselves with everything. This approach would probably only work if the customer had been to the store several times and knew the cashier personally. In the next store, the new customer walks in, and after a few minutes the cashier says, “Let me know if you have any questions. I am here to help.” The second approach is more subtle, and much more appropriate for a new customer.

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