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CNN disclosed: “Fluoride is a Dangerous Neurotoxin”


1970686_687521011305047_1757273297_nThis is HUGE news and no one is talking about it. The Lancet, the world’s oldest and most prestigious medical journal, recently published a report classifying Fluoride as a dangerous neurotoxin. The report puts Fluoride in the same category Arsenic, Lead, and Mercury.

We are literally being mass medicated with a dangerous chemical that disrupts the health of our brains, especially in children. Many of us have suspected this for a long time, but it is insane to see the worlds top medical journal confirming it.

Don’t believe what I have written here. Read the report for yourself and share with everyone you know.


CNN have disclosed the same:


And Harvard have recently published a study proving that fluoride lowers IQ in children: http://themindunleashed.org/2014/02/harvard-study-confirms-fluoride-reduces-childrens-iq.html

Is it now time to start making or buying natural, non fluoride toothpaste? Here are some recipes to choose from, however please research, as there are thousands of ways to achieve excellent oral hygiene, without the use of toxic chemicals: http://naturalhealthwarriors.com/squeezable-homemade-toothpaste/

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