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ASEA is pleased to announce 3 new European Markets plus Australia and New Zealand



ASEA is pleased to announce the opening of Australia and New Zealand!

ASEA is now making its way into the Pacific!

The market opening will be limited at first as we will launch in a pre-market capacity. Associates can sign up with the company but will be unable to purchase anything beyond their Associateship. When the market matures sufficiently there will be an official launch event, at which time access to product and further services will become available. Let’s all give a huge welcome to Australia and New Zealand as the newest members of our ASEA family.

These two markets represent ASEA’s first expansion beyond Europe and North America. ASEA has now opened five new markets just this week with the earlier opening announcement of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Portugal. We would like to thank all of you Associates who work so hard to grow this great company. It is thanks to your dedication that ASEA is becoming a global company. As always, we will continue to research the best opportunities for further expansion.

If you would like any additional information about what is available in market or any other concerns, please feel free to contact us or through the contact page & ASEA Associate Support.

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