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Asea storiesAsea takes time….it must be person to person even online. You need to try and have the people make a 3 month commitment to using Asea. 60% of people will see the full effects within the first 30 days. 100% of people will get the full effects within 90 days.

Asea must be taken properly. If not…..the people will not see results and quit…then tell their friends that It does not work. Spraying Asea in the eyes is a plus, as I think it is 15% of the treatment. When people do not spray Asea in their eyes lots when they start…they do not get the clear mind that Asea brings.

Asea has a high hydration factor: this helps with dumping the toxins, mercury and heavy metals from the body fast. Elderly people may need to take the daily dose in 3 separate doses (if light headed for more than a day) as the kidneys will order up more blood pressure to dump toxin and this will raise the blood pressure for a short time.

ASEA means helping others and changing the world to something better for anyone. There are many great stories, but I want you to write your own below, so others can read it. Please share it with us…

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