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A significant Asea testimonial: Dr. Karl Smith – Platinum Executive


Dr. Karl V. Smith was born and raised in the small town of Othello, WA. Inspired to help others, he chose to become a Chiropractic doctor, and graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA in December of 1990. Missing the beauty of his home state, Dr. Smith moved back to Washington and took over a Chiropractic practice in Spokane in April 1991. He has been in private practice in the same location ever since.

His ASEA Story

During his college years, Dr. Smith had his first brush with the network marketing industry. During his first month with the company he generated a check that was more than he had ever earned up to that point. Unfortunately, the company that he was working with promoted a business building practice that did not keep the interest of the customer or the distributor as a priority. Dr. Smith left that company and decided to never again put himself in that situation.

“To achieve success, treat this as a business. Make it a priority. Realize that every-one, even you, is busy. Success sometimes requires sacrifice. Whatever you have to sacrifice for this business will be worth it.”

Nearly 20 years later, Deni Robinson approached him in December 2009. He signed up as an ASEA Associate but didn’t buy any product. He wasn’t really interested in the opportunity or the product at that time. “Deni is persistent! She came back month after month for over a year.” Every time that Deni stopped by she was more excited and more passionate about ASEA. Finally, in March 2011, Dr. Smith went to a presentation hosted by Deni and ‘‘I decided either everyone there was lying, or there is something very unique about this product.”

He went home and immediately began to research Redox Signaling. After gaining an understanding of the nature of ASEA, Dr. Smith called Deni and ordered his first case. ‘‘I told her that I wanted to try the product; that if this really is what it claims to be…| know it’s going to be huge!” Deni brought him a case that day and Dr. Smith has been drinking ASEA ever since.

After being on the product he was convinced. ‘‘I felt that I have truly witnessed something that I thought, until now, was impossible.” And, as one of ASEA’s newest Platinum Executives, Dr. Smith can attest to the amazing opportunity that the ASEA business offers. ‘‘I love the concept of residual income being built into this business model. I have never had that before and I am thrilled about it!”

Would you like to follow the same successful route?

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